“I’m Dr. Bhrett McCabe, a licensed clinical psychologist and a sports and performance psychologist at The Mindside in Birmingham, Ala. The Mindside was started as a place for professional athletes, collegiate athletes and amateur athletes to have a centralized training facility where they can work on the way that they go about their performance—to find their edge in their sport.

The hardest thing about a small business is not having a banking partner and there’s an old saying as people said when we were starting the business, “When you need the money there’s no one there, and when you have the money they’re all there.” If you’re looking for a banking partner, you need to feel comfortable having a conversation with somebody that you know is listening to you and will give back to you. That was one of the biggest pet peeves I would have when we were interviewing banks is that people would tell you a lot of great things in the meetings and then when you followed up, you never heard from them or what they sent you back was not specific to what your business needed.

We are growing at such a rate that we’re outgrowing our capacity on a daily basis, so I think there are two things that we’re going to do. We would like to build a new building and make it what we want. We need something that’s more functional, so we want to move into that and have more of a long-term investment plan. I think the other thing is to grow our staffing needs and to continue to bring in the highest quality teammates that we can to drive this business to a higher standard and reward them appropriately for doing that.

As we are expanding, knowing we have options from a credit standpoint is very helpful even if we haven’t used them yet. Being a provider of services can be scary. If you are out sick, the revenue may not come in, so having that rainy-day fund is nice. Also, being able to plan for a six-month or 12-month expansion versus a one-month expansion is important.  Sitting down with our banking partners and saying, okay, what are the right options to have here, are we doing this appropriately, are we overstepping our bounds or what do we need to get in place first is very helpful.”


The following is a transcript from a video testimonial for Progress Bank. For more about The Mindside, check out the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Tools for Success.


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