About Us

Our Story

At Progress Bank, we’re thinking forward. Here, innovation leads to the very best banking relationship you’ve ever had. Expect uncomplicated banking from smart bankers and good listeners who respond with an insightful solution that’s just for you. We’re committed to giving back to our community, passionate about sparking the progress of local businesses and dedicated to being something more than just another bank—something different, better and truly positive for everyone we serve.

Our Mission

To create a long-term client relationship based on service and trust. Serve the entire community with all our resources. Create a work environment where associates will thrive personally and professionally. Generate superior long-term value for our shareholders.

Our Values

  • Make banking with us a pleasurable and uncomplicated experience.
  • Always take time to understand our clients’ needs.
  • Empower our associates to make decisions and give sound advice.
  • Each client represents a long-term relationship worth our time.