I’m Will Brannon, the president and CEO of SCS Worx in Madison, Ala. The relationship we have with Progress Bank allows us to be ambitious and act quickly. Progress Bank is proactive about understanding our needs and when an opportunity presents itself we are already called to strike. Rather than having to go get our ducks in a row, Progress makes sure that our ducks are in a row, we are aligned with our goals and this company can be as ambitious and as aggressive as it needs to be, because we are all communicating and we understand what each other needs.

We were in a situation where we had the biggest deal we had ever closed, but there was a cash flow issue. I had to write a lot of checks before we got a dime. Patrick and our team at Progress were just able to hear our story and see it for what it was. We gave them the proof that they needed to make sure that everybody’s on the up and up, but very quickly after hearing our dilemma, they came up with a solution and they made that a very painless experience for us.

They’re proactive about the day-to-day, but even when we have something that could have upset the apple cart, it was business as usual. I know every day how big a check I can write if I need to.

Progress lets you put ideas into action and is so nimble. When we see an opportunity or have a good idea, knowing that we have the resources to be able to seize the day, to seize that moment, to seize that opportunity is key. A lot of times in the business world, he who hesitates is lost and when you’re an entrepreneur, being first to market, getting ideas pushed through, striking when the iron’s hot is really important and without a banking relationship like the one that we have with Progress Bank, that would be very difficult for us.

We move quickly and aggressively because Progress understands our mentality and they’re a partner in the truest sense of the word—we have the same goals. They want us to grow just as much as we do and they’re a partner in our success.


The following is a transcript from a video testimonial for Progress Bank. For more about SCS Worx, check out the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Tools for Success.


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