It’s the New Year–a time for new beginnings. Are you feeling excited, optimistic and energized?

If you’re like many people I know, you might be feeling tired, sluggish and overwhelmed already. And it’s okay to admit it. It’s easy for pressure to build quickly after you’ve had a change to let go of work during the holidays. If you’re having trouble getting back on track, you’re not alone.

Here are some quick times for easing back into the New Year:

1. Take your time. You may not feel like you have a choice about the pace in which you operate, but you have more control than you realize. Set realistic expectations. Set boundaries where needed. Get clear about your priorities. It’s okay to walk before you run. What pace feels right for you?

2. Notice your resistance. When you’re too tired or you’re avoiding some activities, this might actually be a good sign. Pay attention. Maybe you don’t want to step back into the same environment or activities that don’t serve you well. Think about something new you can try–a change you can make that would give you more of what you really want. What are you resisting?

3. Don’t judge yourself. Too many people say, “I should be accomplishing more,” or “I should be more active,” or “I should lose more weight.” They think they are not good enough, capable enough, etc. Replace those thoughts with “I am…” positive statements like: “I am figuring things out,” or “I am taking one step at a time,” or “I am moving in the right direction.” What do you really need to hear right now?

4. Start small. Choose one area of your life or work that you would like to improve. Set a short-term goal. If you want to run a marathon, you don’t go out and run the entire distance. Maybe you’ll run a mile this week as a start. What’s something small you can do that will still give you a sense of accomplishment?

Pay attention to how you feel, not just what you do as a leader. When you feel strong, healthy and vibrant, you are more likely to enjoy life and work. Make your own well-being a top priority this year.

Author: Gayle Lantz is a leadership consultant, author, speaker and founder of WorkMatters, Inc., ( a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders think and work smarter. Learn more at our Contributors tab.


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