“My name is Ethan Couch and I am one of the partners in Yellowhammer Brewery in Madison, Ala. We chose Progress Bank because it was a local bank and I actually knew some of the bankers from my previous business dealings. I reached out to them and it’s been very friendly since the beginning. The customer service is what drives me to them and why we’ve stayed for so long. You go to the branch and everyone knows who I am and I can get things done a lot faster than with other banks. I’ve experienced them all and Progress is the one that I’ve chosen for us.
Clint Kirkman is our banker and I can call him and we can have lunch that day or I can call him up and say I just need to stop by and talk to you about this equipment purchase that we’re about make and he makes time for me. I know 10 people at the bank and it’s just really easy to get stuff done.
Without Progress Bank you wouldn’t see the growth of our business. It’s very capital intensive, so we’ve been able to take these large leaps by leveraging with the bank. And by building that trust with them, they’ve allowed us to grow and do bigger and better things as we grow. And it’s neat to watch Progress grow and as we’re growing too and as the community grows. Obviously what they’re doing is working and it’s making a difference in the community.”


The following is a transcript from a video testimonial for Progress Bank. For more about Yellowhammer Brewery, check out the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Tools for Success.


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