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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Branding Or Re-branding

There are dozens of questions that Ad4! Group asks when doing a brand development project. We ask questions of the brand owners, employees and the brand’s customers and vendors.

We design these questions to give us a strong understanding of key information that’s necessary before even starting the branding or re-branding process. As every company is unique, our questionnaires vary according to the client; however, we regularly use the following 10 questions because the responses help us build a foundation of understanding where the branding process should lead.

  1. What value does your brand provide the market?

This question comes in lots of different flavors, but it boils down to “What is your Unique Sales Proposition (USP)? In other words, what do you provide the market that no other brand provides in quite the same way, with the same quality, timeliness or whatever variable you think is important.

If we had to pick between your business and another business down the street that appears to me to be the same, why would we pick yours?

 2.Why should the market believe you?

What evidence can you provide for question 1 above? You SAY you’re the best at something, so how can you prove to the market that your story is true?

  1. Do you understand the market’s perception of your brand?

What does the market think of your brand? Not what you want, hope or desire, but what do the individuals in the market really think about your company? It’s easy to get yourself turned around on this question because you want the market to love your brand. You want to be like Nike or Apple, but you’re not. Understanding where you stand can be a sobering proposition. But if you want to develop a remarkable brand, you need to understand the truth. You need to know how the market views your brand so you can begin to improve.

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Author: Felica Sparks is the founder of Ad4! Group, Communications that Counts! Her focus is on assisting companies with all their growth strategies, beginning with their brand.


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