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As you head toward the end of the year, you’re likely thinking about what you most want to accomplish over the next couple of months — trying to squeeze in that last bit of business activity before the holidays arrive.

You might feel like you’re pushing toward the end of a marathon — running out of steam, losing energy, allowing your body to move on autopilot just to cross the finish line.

That’s one strategy.

But there are a couple of better ways to gain momentum — to get a second wind to carry you across the finish line. (It’s really not a finish line. It’s the starting line for next year.)

Catch your breath to review your progress.

That’s right. Stop what you’re doing for a minute. Think about the progress you’ve made in whatever areas of your business or life are most important to you. Simply list anything that represents progress of any kind: small steps to major breakthroughs. Seeing your progress is motivating.

Imagine your best future — or at least the best picture of the year ahead.

It’s too easy to dwell on problems. If I asked you to describe what you are most looking forward to in the year ahead, what would you say? What would be most exciting to accomplish? Where are your best opportunities?

Think about:

•             The impact you can and want to make next year.

•             The role you want to play.

•             The partnerships you want to create.

Your optimism about your future will help you gain more momentum heading into the New Year.

You’ll give yourself a running start.


The secret to a strong finish is preparing for a strong start — taking a little time to reflect on your progress and to imagine compelling new possibilities.

Choose carefully the lens through which you want to view your past progress and your future success. It can propel you and your business.

Catch your second wind!

Author: Gayle Lantz is a leadership consultant, author, speaker and founder of WorkMatters, Inc., ( a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders think and work smarter. 

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